Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Calligra Author Gets a Distraction Free Mode

I wanted to throw a little light on a feature that just landed in the Calligra repositories: A distraction-free writing mode for Calligra Author and Calligra Words.

The distraction-free mode means that we disable most UI elements and lets the user focus totally on the contents. This was one of the most asked-for features when I did a little survey half a year ago and asked which features that our potential users wanted. I say 'potential' because this was before the first release of Calligra Author and we didn't have any users at all by then.

A few brave souls that are building their own version from the source code have already used it and they report back good results. Here is a picture of a novel being written by Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen using the distraction-free mode.

The feature was developed by Mojtaba "moji" Shahi in a short time, taking a break from developing support for annotations.

As a side note, it's getting time to do a new feature survey. We have almost implemented everything that we got asked for in the first survey. Hot candidates right now are support for Master Documents and we got a feature request for making it easy to insert section separators (from leinir, actually).


Blogger David Gil said...


This feature is great, really. LyX also has it and is very useful to focus on what you're writing.

Yet, what I'm realy missing in every article about Calligra Author is a paragraph saying something like "If you want to try it, go to (page with instructions on how to get the code and compile it)". Otherwise it's really hard for potential users and developers to find that information.

Keep the good work! :-)

David Gil

11:34 PM  
Blogger ingwa said...

@David Gill: Very good point. I'll think of that from now on. In fact I think I'll modify this blog entry as soon as I get off work.

1:57 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Well, first of all I'll confess that i have not yet tried Author!

But, from what I've been reading, i would like to suggest an option:

i think it would be good, in the distraction free mode, to "not have pages". In another words imagine a sheet of paper that never ends, where we never get to the end of the page, all pages merged in a way that the writer would not notice that he now reached the end of a page and will start in a new one.

This should, of course, be optional!

Anyway, great job

11:21 AM  

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