Friday, November 02, 2012

Reminder: Calligra Week of Polish

When i write this it's just past midnight on Saturday November 3rd. This means that the Calligra Week of Polish (CWOP) has started.

In my last post I announced the CWOP and described how Calligra users of all kinds can register their issues so that the developers will find out about them. I have now also added a new thread at the KDE forum for users who are not comfortable with bugzilla and don't have a wiki account at the KDE community wiki.

The coordination between the developers will be done in the #calligra IRC channel at  Well met!

And where will I be during this weekend?  I will take my son to a tabletennis tournament. If there is internet there, I might look in and chat a little.  Otherwise I will work offline and then go online again during the workweek.


Blogger Caesar Tjalbo said...

In English the meaning of words can change when they're capitalized, which is apparently called a 'capitonym'.

With 'polish/Polish' not only the meaning changes but also the pronunciation.

4:34 AM  

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